1. "She ached with an almost unbearable emotion that she could not name. It was nostalgic and melancholy, a beautiful sadness for the things she missed and the things she would never know."
    Americanah by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie
  2. you haven’t called in the past nine days, and I’m beginning to think you like the silence.

  3. These afternoon heat waves bring humid air and mint lemonade with an aftertaste that leaves you feeling melancholy. The air is so still. Although sometimes it feels like you could drown in it. And sometimes I feel heartbroken by life. like the world broke up with me.

  4. self-reflection all across.

  5. morning kisses warmer than the tea.

    morning kisses warmer than the tea.

  6.             One day you’ll stop loving me, and I’ll stop loving you. Right now, I can’t tell you when or where or why. But I do know how; we’ll fall out of love slowly, less and less, more and more, until one of us won’t be the one the other thinks about when stuck in mile long traffic or when we shuffle our steamed peas around on our plate or when we write down fragments of our thoughts on magnet poetry or when we peel sweet potatoes for our dinners alone. We’ll be too overwhelmed by the beauty of elsewhere, whatever elsewhere entails, to remember this right here.

                And I’m sorry. I’m sorry for whoever’s heart breaks first. Because I wish that I could promise you that we’ll both come to some understanding where we simultaneously no longer feel the aching absence of the thread that raveled us together, but I can’t. And neither can you.

    And then there will be nothing left to say.

                I just want to know who you fall in love with after me. I want you to call me and tell me about how mad you are for her. I want you to tell me how she’s not afraid to argue with you. Or how she never says anything she doesn’t mean. Or how she’ll call anyone and everyone out on their bullshit (including yours). How she likes you not because you like her but because you’re the only person who wasn’t afraid to tell her, that she too can be full of shit. I want you to tell me how happy you are. How I’ll be okay, because you’re okay too.

  7. a friend from the berliner dom.

    a friend from the berliner dom.

  8. unfamiliar beds and windows that open sideways.

    unfamiliar beds and windows that open sideways.

  9. holocaust memorial, berlin.

    holocaust memorial, berlin.

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