1. yes.

  2. neck scarves and convertibles

    the day she did leave

    I couldn’t find the word mother

    in dictionaries

  3. study session

    study session

  4. neck scarves and convertibles

    I’d wake up sweaty

    and run to her room at night

    to check if she left

  5. neck scarves and convertibles

    she ran off with him

    on a sunday afternoon

    forgetting our dinner

  6. neon lingerie

    I now wear xl

    to hide stretch marks on my arms

    so that I’m no burden

  7. neon lingerie

    he said I’m not fat

    but he gave me his jacket

    to cover me up

  8. neon lingerie

    satin and cotton

    make lingerie models thin

    but I just look fat

  9. creased sheets

    I scrubbed the toilet

    with your tooth brush that’s still here

    ‘cause you won’t return

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